Sydney Pain Specialist Services | FAQs
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Do I need to pay on the day of the consultation?

Yes. Payments can be made through Eftpos, credit card or cash. The consultation cost is charged in line with the fee schedule recommended by Australian Medical Association (AMA).


Are the Sydney Pain Specialists NO GAP providers?

Yes. Depending on the coverage of your health fund, we can provide NO GAP for day surgery.


Is Sydney Pain Specialists a participant in online Medicare claims?

Yes. Our administration staff will forward your account on your behalf. That said, we request that you keep your personal bank information updated with Medicare.


How does Workers Compensation work for me and my pain?

The Workers Compensation can be a time-consuming process. The steps are as follow:

  1. On your behalf, we will contact and ask for approval from insurance providers regarding the consultations, treatments and procedures.
  2. We will then inform you of the status of your approval requests by phone.
  3. We will be making several follow ups on a daily basis to assist moving you through the system. Once the approval is forwarded, we should wait from the insurance agent whether or not your approval request has been approved.
  4. Once we are notified of the status of your approval, we will call you. We request that you keep an open line throughout the process for any clarifications that we might seek from you.



Can I use my health fund for consultation?

Unfortunately, your health fund cannot cover your visit to Sydney Pain Specialists clinic if it is for consultation only.

However, you can use your health fund if you are referred for a procedure under sedation at the day surgery. It is important that you know what your health fund coverage is since this will decide your cost at the day surgery.


Why have I been referred to Sydney Pain Specialists?

Sydney Pain Specialists provide treatment for all people suffering from chronic, persistent pain, whether they are cancer or non-cancer related pain.

Our team of doctors strive to deliver the most effective treatment plan to the patient depending on their unique needs.

At the first visit, your doctor will check the forms you have filled out prior the visit in order to plan the best treatment for you. No treatment is given at this time.

Treatment plans are specialised or personalised and may incorporate a combination of:

  • Pain management medication
  • Psychological assistance such as counselling
  • Exercise and physiotherapy
  • Interventional procedures (ranging from nerve blocks to spinal cord stimulators)
  • Diagnostic / therapeutic blocks such as proactive discography, medial branch blocks and epiduroscopy
  • Injections such as greater/lesser occipital nerve blocks, trigger point injections, prolotherapy
  • An autologous blood injection (Platelet Rich Plasma), meaning that your own blood is used. The most therapeutic portion of your blood is concentrated and obtained using a centrifuge. This is used to help your painful joints to heal and regenerate
  • Botox injections
  • Advanced pain therapies, such as spinal cord stimulation


How long does a recommendation last?

GP recommendations last 12 months and specialist recommendations last three months.

If you are still undergoing a treatment and you have been referred by a specialist, chances are you will require more than one referral.


Can Sydney Pain Specialists take away my pain?

In most cases, our pain specialists can relieve and manage your pain effectively by performing a comprehensive assessment and preparing a treatment plan specific to your needs.


How long will I need to visit Sydney Pain Specialists Clinic?

There’s no exact duration for your visits as this depends on your condition and treatment plan.

You may find that some patients have regular follow-ups and ongoing pain management while others have a shorter treatment plan.


Do you provide treatment for shingles and nerve pain?

Yes, we do.


Are pain medications addictive?

The pain doctors will give you specific instructions for your pain medications.

When you take your pain medications at prescribed doses, you are unlikely to become addicted to the drugs.


What does a Spinal Cord Stimulator do?

Used mainly to alleviate chronic persistent pain, a spinal cord stimulator is a device surgically placed or implanted under your skin that sends a mild electric current to the nerves along your spinal column.

In many cases, you can feel a soothing tingling, like a “pins and needles”, sensation during the procedure.

The spinal cord stimulation comes in different forms (SSCS, PNS, ONS SNS, PENS). Your specialist will let you know which one will work best for your situation.

A nurse will then be assigned to manage your care, giving you support through the process and educating you on the procedure and aftercare.

The position of the device depends on the area of your pain and it can be programmed to adapt the pain level and the stimulation perception.

A 7-day trial is also conducted at the Day Surgery before the device is implanted to ensure that there is no lasting negative effects. During the trial, the stimulating leads are strapped to the outside of your body. If your pain is improved, you are highly likely to proceed with the spinal cord stimulation.

Your doctor will advise which device will suit your condition best. Representatives from the companies with those devices can meet you and act as your case manager.


Does Sydney Pain Specialists use a cancellation list?

We are aware that patients suffering from pain want to consult our specialist as soon as possible and it is our responsibility to fit you in as best as we can. Although this is not a regular occurrence, whenever a patient changes his/her appointment we place that patient under our “cancelled appointments” list.